Drainage Channels and Parkway Views

Here are a few more iPhone photos from today. I suppose that drainage channels aren’t very interesting, but there are miles and miles of them here to control any flooding that comes down from the mountains during our monsoon season. The road photos are of Summerlin Parkway which is an east/west connector between the 215 freeway and the 95 freeway. It’s always super busy, and getting onto the 95 from the parkway can be tricky. The drivers in Las Vegas can be very aggressive and not always willing to merge which is illegal.

10 thoughts on “Drainage Channels and Parkway Views

    • Thank you, Derrick! In mid summer the rains begin in the Gulf of California and move north into Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. The storms can dump a huge amount of rain in a short time that cause serious flooding in Las Vegas, hence the concrete drain channels to help control the floods.

    • Thanks so much, Bridgette! Vegas has 300+ sunny days per year. This is the other Vegas… 👍🏻😂

  1. Let me add cowardliness to the rudeness, because, most likely, these same people would not do this to another person on the sidewalk for fear they would be called on their stupid behaviour. But in their vehicle they feel safe and insulated against any comebacks from others.

    • Wow, Anneli, that’s a great perspective, I completely agree! Since I don’t view any local news and barely any on the internet, I assume that there must be plenty of road rage around town which is so terrible.

      This probably seems odd, but it helps keep me in a better mood… These dolts are actually a serious reason why I like driving my pickup truck here because it has an actual steel frame, much stronger should anything happen.

      Riding my bike is always a challenge because of the frequent opportunities for collision with cars. Some will stop and allow me to pass in subdivisions while others think nothing of cutting me off which really pisses me off! That’s one example, so it’s nice to have long stretches where cars are never a factor.

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