Skateboard City

Along the path on yesterday’s ride, I came upon two skateboard parks, bowls, or whatever people call them. I was able to ride the bike into one of them and tried banking off of the sides which didn’t go well. I prefer to not taste dirty concrete! Sunshine and 73 degrees today, then sunshine and 82 for tomorrow which is even better!

15 thoughts on “Skateboard City

  1. Great shots! That is an amazing park. When I was a kid, I used to skateboard from sidewalk onto the street and I thought that was impressive! Little did I know. 😆

    • Thanks, there are parks like this around the city. My experience with skateboarding was a few local kids in the neighborhood riding the boards down hills in the neighborhood. Good days!

      • You’re welcome. I loved those “hills” in the neighborhood. If they had been anything like those parks, I would probably have broken both legs falling off.

        • That’s cool that you liked it so much, and I completely agree on the broken bones. It’s nice that smart kids wear helmets and other protective gear today, but that can do only so much. I recently met a retired nurse who said that I NEED to wear a helmet while riding my bike, she’s seen some bad stuff. I purchased the helmet. It felt odd at first because we never wore them as children, did we!

    • Thanks! Arizona is a beautiful state too as is Nevada. Arizona is very close to Las Vegas, about 40 minutes drive from my home or to our beautiful Hoover Dam.

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