You Don’t Need My Name and Number

Last night, I printed out a small piece of paper for my wallet that has emergency phone numbers on it in case something happens to me. Simple, right? I went to a local Office Depot store to have the paper laminated. I was told that I needed to enter my name and phone number in the kiosk and my name will be called.

What? I’ve never heard of this just to get something laminated. Why? I asked an employee why this is needed, she said there are a lot of reasons. Really? I am very wary of where I leave my name and phone number, that information could be used by the wrong people, or end up as spam on my phone.

Heading for the door, another employee asked me if there is something wrong to which I replied that it was just ludicrous that this company wants my personal information just to have a tiny piece of paper laminated. She tried to explain the situation to me to which I replied that I’ll take my money elsewhere and left.

Take that, corporate America! Anyway, this is a random collection of Nikon photos I snapped along the way this afternoon, and nobody asked for my name and phone number! Today’s weather has been so beautiful with full sunshine and 82 wonderful degrees! Mojave Desert love.

16 thoughts on “You Don’t Need My Name and Number

  1. I don’t understand why they would need your contact info either just to get something laminated. Strange. I would have gone somewhere else too. Hopefully you had better luck at a different place.

  2. Your response was exactly right, John. They didn’t have a need for that information, and it sounds like the employees couldn’t give you a reasonable answer as to how it was necessary to do a small lamination job.

  3. I agree with you John. They probably sell their lists to a buyer. Don’t give it to them. They don’t need your info, it’s BS!

  4. That’s odd they wanted your name and number when you are right there. I wouldn’t have given it either, but then I am a suspicious sort ! lol

    • As am I, there was zero way that was gonna happen! It still bothers me this morning. There is something going on under the surface that the company doesn’t want people to know…

    • I agree, Rudi, the emergency personnel would otherwise have no idea who to contact. I live by myself and have no family in Nevada so having the ID on me is super important.

    • Thank you, they just have zero need for that when all I wanted was a small piece of paper laminated!

    • Yes indeed! I find that being 61 helps in being able to see things that may very well have a dark side in some way.

    • Thanks, Anneli, I hope that the resistance to this crap will reach their corporate and they decide to stop this crap. It cost them a sale albeit very small.

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