A Gentle Breeze, A Lot Of Sunshine

This time of year in Las Vegas is so wonderful with its warm gentle breezes and bright sunshine. It’s so nice to sit under the palm fronds and feel the breeze, close your eyes, and listen to the fronds gently swaying in the breeze… I spent a good half an hour or more relaxing in the backyard this afternoon getting mellow and also watering my Palm trees and Sago Palms. And, it was 23 very cold degrees back home this morning, too cold!

18 thoughts on “A Gentle Breeze, A Lot Of Sunshine

  1. Plenty of sunshine, the blue sky, nice breeze that is really very, very nice, John. The photos are beautiful!

  2. Glad to see Wilson enjoying the sunlight! (We’ve been in the hi teens and lo 20’s all day with wind chills nearing single digits. Brrr)

    • Yep, he’s been just fine and still does his 3 AM moves around the yard. Creepy man… I check my Michigan hometown weather most mornings and saw that it was 23 there this morning, too cold, baby!

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