Wind Whooped!

And here’s the next windstorm! This one is angrier than the previous one the other day with super high gusts and pushing small raindrops in your face. Watch your eyeballs! These storms will become less frequent in summer as I recall.

4 thoughts on “Wind Whooped!

  1. Omg that’s crazy windy! The trees were hanging on for dear life lol. Also the video worked on my laptop (I noticed it didn’t work for someone else in your comments)

    • Hi Pooja, I’m glad that the video played for you, it can get insanely windy in the valley! It was Derrick who can’t watch my videos in the UK, for whatever reason, they don’t play for him which sucks. ❤️

    • I’m sorry about this, Derrick, I have no idea why they won’t. Maybe your computer needs it’s software that plays video updated?

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