Concrete View, Desert View

These photos are from yesterday’s ride west of the city. The weather got weird last night with the continuing high winds then rain moved into the valley but didn’t dump much which sucks. I awoke to sunshine and blue sky, but the temperature had dropped sharply to the upper fifties from the low to mid-seventies.

Sunshine and 72 degrees are online for today which is nice but the eighties are coming back in a day or two. I have a doctor’s appointment today, such fun.

14 thoughts on “Concrete View, Desert View

    • Really? Thanks for letting me know this. Honestly, I avoid photographing people as a rule but this photo shows the people at a distance. Not sure if I could ever do portrait photography. If I were visiting the Strip, there would be plenty of people in them but I avoid that place!

    • Hi Bridgette, thanks! Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine which I love. I forget where you are, sorry. Our summer heat is gradually on it’s way back, stop down in July or August to get warmed up at 110F 😂🔥🌴

      • I’m in Sacramento, so we get our share of heat! I just love how beautifully you capture the blues of the sky, maybe it stands out so much because of the red mountains.

        • I see, thanks.The state capital area. I’m from Michigan, the blue sky here seems a bit deeper blue. I didn’t want to go back to the bitter cold, salty roads, slushy driving and constant gray sky after the divorce, so glad I stayed!

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