To And From The Doctor’s Office

It rained gently for around three hours after dark yesterday then the sunshine came back today but it’s much cooler. It was nice to stand in the cool breeze and light rain last eve. I had a nice visit with my GP today, it’s nice that he’s back after having a break from his practice.

The doctor says I’ll live, better so after a change in one medication, and removing me from another which is great of course. The Z50 Nikon body has a few built-in effects which I used today with the grayscale images, it’s nice not to change them in the applications on the MacBook.

The photos show many things like the usual traffic, men at a worksite chatting away and getting paid for it!

I like how the 18-140 lens can make the distant mountains appear so much larger than they actually are to the naked eye. The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue truck just happened to be pulling out while I was waiting for the traffic light so, of course, I have Mr. Nikon close at hand!

6 thoughts on “To And From The Doctor’s Office

    • Thanks, the grayscale can add so much by taking away so much, right? I try to keep this older body running! 😂

    • Thanks, Derrick, I like this Nikon Z50 body coupled with the 18-140mm lens. A great combination for my needs. I am lucky to have a doctor that I trust!

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