General Aviation Aircraft, two

This is the final set of photos from today at the North Las Vegas Airport. I’ve done some serious cropping to pull the little aircraft in so you can see more detail. I hoped to see a few business jets like the beautiful Gulfstream planes but saw just one small jet. Cessna and Pilatus and others also build some beautiful jets.

My favorite business aircraft has always been the Lear Jet. Many years ago, I tried my hand at flight school to learn how to fly smaller aircraft but obviously, that didn’t happen… I should never have quit that school!

General Aviation Aircraft

This afternoon I took another ride around town and landed at North Las Vegas Airport, a general aviation airport that is different than our huge McCarran International Airport. I tried for some decent photos but the 18-140mm lens was a bit lacking. A 200mm lens or higher would be better.

It’s fun to sit still and tune my ham radio down to the aircraft frequencies and listen to the tower and aircraft talking to each other. The low 80s and a gentle breeze make for a nice time to chill. I’ll have one more set of photos from this location if you want to see them, they aren’t very good photos really.

Good Chicken Soup

Yesterday afternoon I put together a big pot of chicken soup which was delicious this morning! I tend to make the pot too large but it will stay good in the fridgy for a long time, looks delicious, right? 90 degrees is forecast for today, time to fire up the air conditioning again! happy weekend.

Buying A New CPAP Mask

I grabbed these photos along the way, the police car and bike were attending a minor accident where a car went off the road and hit a large rock in front of a Wendy’s restaurant. Thank you, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police!

I didn’t see what happened but there were no other vehicles involved. Notice how hazy the mountains look through the dust in the air, churned up by the continuing assault by the wind. Will this ever end?

I think I’ll pass on riding the bike today with the wind and excessive dust. The top photo shows the same mask I have, the other CPAP photo is an old one of me that has been highly altered of course. Image source.

Yet Another Windy Day!

This is crazy. I have lived in Las Vegas since 2013 and have never seen the city stay this windy for this long a duration. I don’t mind the wind at times yet sometimes it gets irritating. The global warming crowd will jump to its own conclusion but you know I don’t buy that stuff.

Sunshine and 81 lovely degrees are in the forecast for today in spite of the wind. Those poor souls on the Strip doing the NFL football draft thing must be tired of the wind too but too bad! Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of football, it’s too slow a game. How about hockey!

Our Vegas Golden Knights have been eliminated from the playoffs again. Gladly, it’s just a game for me. Have a great Friday and weekend my friends, be well!

Old Memories

Old memories, sweet memories. I treated myself to a pedicure and manicure as well as a proper haircut today. All are long overdue because of the pandemic. I do okay doing these things but not nearly as good as the Korean ladies at the spa. She got a great tip! As projected by the weather service, it’s currently 81 degrees with winds gusting to around 40 miles per hour. Las Vegas should be called the Windy City, not Chicago!

The Late Afternoon Sun

Good morning, folks, happy Thursday. Partly sunny and 82 degrees are forecast for the valley today with gusts to 40 miles per hour. If you are a football lover then this is the place for you today with big happenings on the Strip for the NFL draft. Honestly, I don’t care for football! It’s too slow a sport for me… NHL Hockey, please!

The NFL Draft in Las Vegas, 2022

I rarely view any television news but did so this afternoon to get the scoop on the goings-on on the Las Vegas Strip. I watched two TV stations’ coverage as the big day approaches tomorrow. It’s true what they said on the TV, no city in the world can host big events like Las Vegas can!

There’s even a large stage that’s temporarily I’m sure built over a portion of the water of the famous Bellagio Hotel Fountain. The announcer said that as many as 600,000 out-of-state people may show up for this huge event. Now, as a local, I very rarely visit the Strip because it’s always chaotic enough.

Imagine adding 600,000 more bodies into an already crowded area that is getting busier now because of the coronavirus apparently fading away which is fantastic of course. As for yours truly, I live here so nothing changes! There’s no bloody way I would go anywhere near that mega crowd! Image source.

Unfortunately for these people, the wind tomorrow will be gusting over forty miles per hour!

Vegas Weather

I think this is a pretty good forecast for the next few days, can you agree? I put the funnies in there for grins. I think the kid is correct, he chose the smallest numbers, right? And, I wonder if anyone has passed out like the old couple did in the gondola at our Venetian venue on the Strip? Maybe you need to reconsider your retirement plans! A quick question for you: would this site look better in pure white?

Making A Left Turn

I’m not sure if I’ve done this before but it’s sure to be the most exciting video you’ll see all day, right? 😂 Vegas has serious traffic, keep this in mind if you come here and rent a car. This is nothing like driving in Michigan but not as bad as the traffic in the Los Angeles area. Horrid!