Gray Peanuts and Blue Sky

That blue sky in the backyard was photographed two days ago, and those delicious gray peanuts a few days ago, yuck! They were an attempt at making those seasoned, spicy unsalted peanuts. Hello, trash bin! Partly sunny and 75 degrees today, a good day for a bike ride?

22 thoughts on “Gray Peanuts and Blue Sky

    • Good morning! I don’t have the recipe now but it’s basically coconut oil in a pan, pour in one cup of unsalted peanuts and mix them with the oil. Then, add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of chili powder.

      Cook on low flame until the peanuts are well coated and warm, maybe a bit hot. Pour them into a bowl that is lined with paper towel to absorb the extra oil. That’s all I do, but there very likely a better way to do this somewhere online.

      I just didn’t use enough oil and mixed up the seasoning amounts. Yuck.

      • Sounds like they should be delicious. I do sunflower seeds in our air frier and they come out really good but I use Frank’s Red Hot because dry seasonings get knocked off in the air frier. There is salt in Frank’s but nothing like the amount in salted sunflower seeds that you buy. I will have to try peanuts.

        • That sounds good too! I have an older Breville countertop oven which works fine sans the fan that died last year. It’s not a true air fryer is it? What brand of oven is yours? What can you cook in it?

          • We have a Tfal airfrier. It’s not super big but it mixes as it blows the heat so it’s good for things like sunflower seeds and chicken wings and stir fry. We also bought a Hamilton Beach convection oven, air dry, and toaster oven recently. It is really good for bigger jobs.

            • That’s what mine is called, a Convection oven with a broken fan! It was nice too until the motor ceased up. It makes horrid noises now. I just looked up air fryers by that company, they look nothing like I thought they would! No front window to see your food cooking, bummer!

    • It is an odd combination of photos, I want to get them up there rather than delete them… Thse peanuts were so bad, I used too little coconut oil and not enough cayenne and chili powder.

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