The Vegas Strip From The iPhone 12

I snapped this shot yesterday to send to family members, I think it looks damn good considering the focal length of the iPhone. Nothing compared to the 18-140mm Nikkor lens! I wish that I could bring myself to just go down there for something different for this website.

The first roadblock for me is the lack of easily accessible and free parking. A few years ago, we Locals had to show ID to get free parking. Today, and before the pandemic, the greedy corporations that own these venues on the Strip began charging everyone for parking. Seriously?

They are worth billions I’m sure, yet human greed reigns supreme here in Sin City. Then, of course, we have the remnants of covid still hiding, lying in wait for another victim. That’s just too scary for me man… Call me paranoid or a chicken shit, but I want to live as long as I can!

14 thoughts on “The Vegas Strip From The iPhone 12

    • Thank you! ❤️

      Paying for parking and parking in general are huge reasons among others why I don’t visit the Strip. I’ve talked to many locals who also avoid the place. It’s kinda funny to me that so many people save up their money to come here yet so many who live here avoid the place!

  1. My family in Nova Scotia, all have covid now and we were worried about my brother-in-law, whom has congestive heart failure and diabetes. He had rounds of vaccines shots. His covid experienced what was a more like a cold, he said he was sick but had worst hang overs LOL. I live a lone in NB and I two have had 3 vaccines shots I still don’t want covid. But I have booked a trip to Iceland first week of September I am very much looking forward to travelling again. Be well John.

    • That sentence is a dogs breakfast. I could of swore it had no mistakes when I hit send. LOl 3 rounds of covid vaccine it should say.

    • Wow, I hope your brother-in-law will be okay, Kelly! I too have diabetes and thought I had heart disease for years until recently when my cardiologist ordered another MRI.

      No heart disease, the other doctor really screwed up in 2002. I have three vaccines too which is a little comforting. I too live by myself, three divorces, strike 3, I am out!

      Too bad your so far away, it sounds like we could swap some good stories over luch. I look forward to your Iceland photos! ❤️🇨🇦

  2. You’re closer to the strip than I am (or probably will ever be). 🙂 That’s a pretty good photo with your phone, though! I need to upgrade my phone someday, but don’t want the face recognition function. Does the 12 have that? What do you like about it besides the camera?

    • Well, the camera of course, but I recently activated the face ID option and like it very much, much faster than typing the passcode. But, if it can’t read your face, you are prompted to enter your code. I’ve used iPhone and Mac exclusively for many years now, probably couldn’t operate a Windows machine or the other phone operating systems!

      • I’m glad you like your phone, it seems to work well for you. I barely know how to use my phone. That is very outdated and the it’s time to replace it system is trying to make it obsolete or maybe it’s my battery dying? The iphones have access to way too much personal information on them for my liking. Reminds me of this guy’s mission to hack humans (Yuval Noah Harari – We Can Hack Humans). But, the face recognition would’ve come in handy for locating the mules in 2020, though, even though they found them without it. 🧐

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