It’s already that time of year again in Nevada. My license plate renewal sticker is due and the truck passed the smog test with flying colors which it should since it’s a 2015 truck with just 27,000 miles under its serpentine belt! The test is $30.00 bucks, but the full renewal price from Carson City, NV, our state capital, is a whopping $327.oo bucks! Back in Michigan, that fee was always much less.

But, Michigan has no smog problem either as far as I know. Also, it is a state law that every eight years, our license plates must be replaced since they fade in the powerful desert sun and become less visible and easy to read. Mine is due and the cost is just $10.00 bucks.

The plates are made and mailed to you in a short time, but the state tells you to not put the new sticker on the old plate and to wait for the new one which is identical in every way. Mine is a custom plate… The cost of living in Las Vegas is a bit higher than elsewhere I guess but it’s worth it, the fuel prices be damned!

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  1. We were paying $120 a year for a sticker for our plates. This year our Premier cancelled it. We still have to get the sticker but we don’t have to pay and he went one step further and is refunding everyone their sticker renewal money for the last two years. Election time is coming up and he is doing whatever to get in because he knows he is not liked. The problem is he will need to recoup that money from someplace, or rather someone (being all Ontarians) Politicians have no accountability. 🙁 There my rant is over lol

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