Rolling Home After A Dentist Visit

I had an early appointment for my every three months checkup. Doctor B says my teeth look great including the bridge and two crowns. Unfortunately, I have two cavities forming that has got to be dealt with before they turn into a freaking root canal! I’ve had at least two and they are horrid!

I scheduled that for next month, oh joy. Anyway, I grabbed these images on the way home, I can’t resist photographing Tivoli Village or the Queens Ridge condominiums. If you want a condo in there, you’ll need to cough up a million or more for some of the residences. That’s a wee bit out of my budget!

10 thoughts on “Rolling Home After A Dentist Visit

    • Yes you should! I use a device made by Listerine that holds a small piece of floss in a plastic frame that makes it super easy to do because of the handle it’s attached to. Try a search for Listerine Floss or something like that.

    • Thanks, Derrick. It’s so much fun getting a crown or a bridge! Uhg. It’s much better than having a root canal!

    • It sure is, Lavinia, it’s known to cause heart problems, wow! My teeth were in yucky shape a couple of years ago, this doctor got rid of the problems and improved my dental health 100%, yay for modern dentistry!

    • That’s a solid decision, Anne-Marie! The one advantage I see in a condo though is there is zero yard work. After 20 years of that stuff, I’m no longer a fan. My home has zero grass, it’s all Desert Scape.

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