Delivery Completed

Every other day or so recently, I have been dropping food and water off for a homeless man living on one of the pedestrian/bike bridges I cross on my rides. He was not there today but his blankets were so I pulled one down off of the rail and used it to cover up the bag of goodies I dropped off and then I left.

I’ve spoken with him a couple of times now and he seems a very nice man who is way down on his luck. I wish that I could do so much more for him but it’s not really possible. There is more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there. This country is ridiculous.

Our loser government is wasting billions on weapons and so much more while its citizens go hungry and die on the streets. Piss me off. I’ll stop right there before I get really angry here.

The other thing I want to vent about is that the last two, perhaps three times I’ve been out riding the bike I have been cut off and nearly avoided incursions with cars. I’m becoming very frustrated with this BS. Last week, I was even cut off in my own neighborhood!

I followed the driver down to the traffic light and gave them a good ass-chewing. Today, an ugly four-door pickup did the same thing just down the road from my home, and, I know who the SOB is too, he lives on my street! I am considering taking some time away from riding to let myself simmer down.

The bike needs another tune-up anyway, the brake system is acting up and something is out of alignment too. I’ll take the bike to the shop tomorrow. At least nobody can run me over while I’m behind the wheel of a 4000-pound pickup truck…

17 thoughts on “Delivery Completed

  1. So wonderful of you to help out that man, things like that could happen to any of us. I don’t like to ride my bike unless it’s an actual bike path or trail through the woods. I don’t trust the cars! Half of them are on their cell phones while driving, it frightens me. We were in Toronto last weekend! My son lives there and we are two hours away. It’s a great city.

    • Sorry for my response delay, I thought I’d replied to your comment!

      I feel compelled to help this man, not sure why but I like helping him. And, I agree on the paths or proper trail, I usually ride the pavement, the fat tires are great for pushing some things away from the tires or crushing stuff.

      They also help smooth the ride a bit. I purchased the much more padded seat but after 15 miles, your bum isn’t a happy camper! 😂

    • Thanks, I like helping this dude, and he’s just one year older than me. Stress is why I’ve chose to step back for a few days from riding, there have been too many incidents that piss me off…

    • Thank you, my friend, you are right. I can do only what I can but the need is so huge and so very sad. Our world dearly needs Jesus our Lord to come for us. 🙏🏻❤️

  2. Hope that guy gets back on his feet. 💞. It is as dangerous walking around here – people driving straight through lit crosswalks and grown men riding bikes on the sidewalk. Rediculous!

  3. You are a man with a big heart John, heping out the poor ones 🙂
    Some drivers are realy aggresive towards bikers but here in Belgium the biggest danger comes from the follow bikers themselve….. !

    • It just seems the right thing to do, Rudi, thanks. He seems a really man and I’ve felt compelled to help him. 🙏🏻❤️ Bikers are supposed to help each other, right?

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