Throwback To Black Coffee

I miss drinking coffee. High blood pressure prevents me from enjoying the buzz and aroma in the house which totally sucks! I’ve read many articles on this subject, it seems that there is no solid evidence one way or the other on this subject but I know 100% for sure that coffee does raise my blood pressure because I have a BP machine in the kitchen always ready to go. It’s a serious daily battle that I must win each day or in time, I’ll be six feet under before my time. Everyone’s system is different and there are so many different compounds in coffee that one diagnosis could never fit everyone. Would you like to purchase my mini Mr. Coffee?

34 thoughts on “Throwback To Black Coffee

  1. I love coffee, we have been drinking decaf for quite a while now due to health issues, (not mine) I don’t know if I could give it up!

    • Haha, Derrick! Enjoy a cuppa for me won’t ya? I hope your feeling better, the head cold going away.

  2. They make Coffee scented Warmers that might do the trick as long as you don’t drink them. I say keep Me. Coffee for heating single cups of water or for serving Coffee if friends are over.

    • Old Mr. Coffee isn’t going anywhere, what is a coffee scented warmer? Duh.

      I don’t have any actual friends here, but plenty of people I see often when out and about. One dude is from Michigan, it’s nice to chat with someone who knows what the Yooper is among other things. πŸ˜‚

  3. I think the postage would be worth more than the coffee pot. I am sorry that you cannot enjoy your morning coffee. I am not that into it but I do have one small cup each morning while I am checking the weather and reading the news. I find it so odd the way people always have a cup of coffee in their hands now – driving, shopping, walking in the park. Strange.

    • I have adjusted well to no coffee but man I love the buzz and smell! I suppose that you could thank companies like Starbucks and others for that.

      I never liked Starbucks because the coffee actually stinks to me, and the prices are ludicrous for a coffee that’s very bad for you because of the crap they add to it.

      People that buy that crap from these companies had better not get on about fuel prices!

      • Here we have Starbucks, Tim’s, and Robins plus service station coffee and the like. I don’t know how people afford it ALL of the time. Dan buys one large Robins coffee on his way home from night shift. I have my one little cup and he nukes the rest and has it when he gets up.

        • I loved the Timmy’s in my hometown, yummy coffee and more.

          There isn’t one Tim’s down here and I checked! I call Starbucks, Starbutts. OK, that’s weird but whatever!

          It’s funny how the word Nuke is used to describe a Magnetron. That’s the part that heats up your stuff in the microwave. Here’s a link that will explain what a Magnetron is:

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