Where It All Began

Ground was broken in 1969 and the business opened in late 1970 or so but I can’t be sure as I was just nine years young. I worked here during my high school years which was actually very fun, I mostly worked in the parts department and drove the parts truck for deliveries to body shops and parts pick-ups at other dealers.

This is where I got my acute sense of direction at an early age. I could add much more to this story but I don’t think many of you would enjoy it, it’s just about my other jobs at the next store we owned.

There are days that I seriously wish I could go back to this period of time in my life to start over, with the life experience I have now, things would be very different in some ways such as never letting go of the one that got away. I have regretted this until this moment right here on my MacBook…

Another dealer purchased the property, after they left you can see what has happened to the property. These photos are from 2019. It looks so sad today and I could tell you some stories about things that happened here!

19 thoughts on “Where It All Began

  1. It is sad to see the place in such a state of disrepair. This reminds me of when we visited the house we grew up in last summer when it came for sale on the market. The current owners had done zero maintenance or upkeep and it was so depressing to see. In some ways I wish we never went to look at it and would rather keep those happy memories of what I remember the house to be like from my childhood.

    • Another car dealer could use it for a used car operation, other businesses can use the property but it hasn’t happened yet that I am aware of. Sad!

    • I see your point, Derrick but sometimes I wish that time could be rolled back a few decades. Do things right this time around!

    • Thanks, there is much more I could add, but that’s a bit too much info! Good years and memories.

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