Bike Repair

My still new eBike has been in the shop much more than my old pickup truck has in seven years on the road. It needed some adjustments again, the brake levers were pulling closer to the handlebars which happen over time so those were adjusted and there was some friction between the brake pads and the rotors when I was just pushing the bike. You could hear it too when riding.

That has been repaired now so the bike is ready to roll. However, I still feel like I need a break from dodging the fools in the 6000-pound bullets. I have other things to keep me busy today anyway. Oh, I was not charged for the adjustments which are amazing, and I was told to stop using the Squeal Out on the rotors which work for me. Hopefully, the brakes will as quiet as possible!

I took the photos along the way to the repair shop this morning, such a beautiful day!

8 thoughts on “Bike Repair

    • Thanks Anneli, that’s my favorite too. The mileage will hit 900 in about three rides, I’ve never rode any bicycle this many miles in my life. Mechanically, it’s perfectly sound now but I want to find out how much the beakes are going to squeal without cleaning the rotors as the tech said…

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