Blinded By The Dust

Today’s windstorm is supposed to blow until three AM Tuesday and so far it’s been a very mean hombre! Here is a short video of the wind trying to blow one of my palm trees over. The unprocessed photo is via the Nikon, notice how all you can see of the foothills to the west of my place are almost completely obscured.

That’s nothing more than dust in the atmosphere blotting the mountains out. It has been my experience that if you are able to do so, stay home. The wind is strong enough to blow huge trucks over and also blow other cars off course and collide with you.

I’m certain that many 18 wheeler trucks are shut down right now on the fifteen, the ninety-five, and 215 freeways around the city. Sometime last summer, I was heading down a steep slope on the 215 freeway when I saw a very dark cloud heading my way.

When the truck encountered the cloud, I could actually hear the small debris hitting the sheet metal. Getting home in the garage, I had a good look at the front of the truck and unfortunately, there were some paint chips but no dents or broken glass. This is why I recommend staying home if you are able.

It doesn’t help that I am close to the mountains on the west side of the valley because we can get some very powerful down-slope winds. You couldn’t pay me enough to take a ride in the elevators that take you to the top of the Stratosphere Tower right now! Oh hell no…

16 thoughts on “Blinded By The Dust

    • You betcha, my bum is planted firmly on the couch! It’s almost time for a cold one anyway… 🍻😂

  1. Poor conservation methods by farmers in this area lead to blinding ’30’s style dust storms when the winds are like the one you showed in your video. No-till farming would stop the loss of topsoil to the wind, but farmers can be extra conservative (i.e. pig-headed) when it comes to changes, even those that would spare everyone downwind the road closures and respiratory distress. I see that much dirt in the wind and I see valuable dollars lost to stupidity.

    • I agree completely, Doug! I’ve seen photos of that terrible storm and how many people were chased away by the dust. Farmers should be glad to use better methods that would reduce or stop the dust storms. There’s nothing anyone can do about these storms since we are surrounded by thousands of square miles of dusty desert.

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