More Photos From Yesterday’s Joy Ride

Good Monday morning, friends, I hope your Monday and a new week will be great. I’m waiting for the next windstorm to hit around eleven this morning, this one is supposed to have gusts up to 70 miles per hour which is dangerous of course. That and a high of 77 today. Weird weather, eh?

8 thoughts on “More Photos From Yesterday’s Joy Ride

  1. Very weird weather indeed. I was reading on the news this morning about how Manitoba is supposed to get a major storm that could be the worst blizzard in decades. Yikes!!

    • Wow, and those storms are dropping into the northern states and causing havoc. Winter just won’t let go will it! It’s 54F right now but was 90 a couple days ago!

  2. Yes. Weird weather. We had 95+ degrees for a few days at the end of last week. Today the high is supposed to be 57 degrees and rain. ~Ed. (in Fresno)

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