Free Weed For A Year

Gee, I wonder if Nevada is a legal state for weed? I saw this truck on the way home after visiting Downtown Summerlin this morning. What are your thoughts on legalising weed? Is weed good, bad, or ugly?

25 thoughts on “Free Weed For A Year

  1. It’s legal in Canada, even the government sells it lol. There are stores everywhere selling it. I myself do not partake but I have nothing against it as people are going to be using it anyways some may as well monitor it and tax it lol

    • I didn’t know it’s legal in Canada! Ottaway and/or the provincial governments tax it too? Not surprised, I’m sure that the state of Nevada and Clark Countay are making money with taxes too. Americans left the UK hundreds of years ago to escape taxes and a ruthless king. Today, Washington has replaced the king.

        • I get the feeling from other Canadian bloggers that you aren’t happy with your current Premier at all, Justin Trudeu is it? I spelled that name wrong. I’ve been a Conservative my entire adult life and am completely sickened by the Libtard old fart in the White House at the moment. I could rant on but I’ll spare ya…

          • Well Iโ€™m not fond of him but the I donโ€™t like the Conservative leaders at all. Actually they are trying to pick a new Con leader and who knows who gets it. I honestly donโ€™t think any of them will make everyone happy.

            • I see, it seems that no political cndidate, incumbant or otherwise will never satisfy everyone. Humans are a quralsom lot!

  2. Sorry. On a serious note. If it is for medical reasons and processed as medicinal cannabis, I would put my hand up. If anyone knew the pain I have been in for the past 2 weeks with Psoriatic Arthritis, you might get a hint of the “good” reasons to use it.

    • This weed is grown under very controlled conditions so I have no worries about it. They even cut the seeds away so the buyer can’t grow their own. I’m sorry about your pain, I hope it subsides. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Recreational use isn’t bad unless rotten people make it so…

  3. I wish it weren’t Legal here! I think Weed is a Starter or Gateway drug and I got totally sick when I tried it. Honestly, people should not be driving while on that stuff. Most people here have a hard enough time driving anyway.

  4. If anyone wants a truckload of weeds, I can provide them from my garden. Oh, and as for being harmful, it only messes with your brains a little bit, but who can afford to lose brain cells these days?

    • It’s kinda funny how the sign calls marijuana, weed. Is it an actual weed, I don’t think so and it’s much less harmful than alcohol in my opinion. I’ll be honest, when legalising weed came up on the here a few years ago, I voted for it. No shame!

      I can tell you some stories about sneaking around town looking for some in the late 70s and 80s but I will spare you. Now, it’s legal in Michigan!

      One of my old friends up there takes advantage of it once in a while. In Nevada, if your pulled over for smoking and not drinking, you’ll still get a DUI which I totally agree with. The drunks and terrible drivers here are bad enough before weed became legal.

      • I’m not against anyone using it. I was young once too. But I think like anything that makes you feel good by altering your state of mind, you have to use some discretion when you indulge. For sure it was time to change the laws and stop locking people up for it.

  5. I don’t know about Nevada but weed is legal in California. I admit to having partaken in the past but not much since I had the kids. I think it’s along the lines of alcohol, not harmful unless it becomes a constant thing. And even then, it is not as harmful to your body as alcohol is.

    • Thanks for your comment, I totally agree. Not as harmful as alcohol by a long way. Partake all you want, no judgement here! But, you have to keep clear of the kiddos when partaking for their safety. I don’t follow anything in California so I had no idea it’s legal there too. It became legal in my home state of Michigan too so one by one the legalise it! I could tell ya some stories from the 70s and 80s but I won’t. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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