Oleanders In Summerlin

Oleanders are a pretty flower but I didn’t like them constantly growing over the fence from my neighbor’s yard. Gladly, he decided to cut them all down early last year! The tree starts as a bush and grows like a damn weed and eventually looks like a tree if you prune it correctly.

It’s annoying as that African Sumac tree I had cut down because all it did was make a huge mess in the backyard as it drops its leaves all year round. Such a terrible choice by the landscapers when they built this subdivision 26 years ago. Does the Agave plant look as old as the hills?

I hope so. A security guard asked me if the car parked along the street was mine when I walked by it. Nope, not mine but it shouldn’t be parked there… And, the photo of the water sculpture and palm trees was photographed from across the street, stretching the 18-1400 mm lens all the way out.

I cropped some of the street out at the bottom. It’s beautiful outside today and once again the wind has kicked up very strong. Las Vegas is the windiest place I’ve ever lived!

13 thoughts on “Oleanders In Summerlin

  1. Yep. Our neighbor has oleander along his driveway… on the side of his driveway that parallels our driveway. He never trims them. Every year they extend at least a foot into our side of the yard. They are pretty, though!

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! Yesterday morning was so calm, then out of nowhere, BLAST! I watch my palm trees sway in the backyard, waiting for then to break!

  2. I’m glad to hear your neighbour cut down the oleander because all parts of it are poisonous, so beware of it. Maybe check it out on Wikipedia. You’ll be surprised.

    • I know they are poisonous, so why would anyone want one on their property? The neighbors have two dogs too so it’s great the plant/tree or whatever those things are have been removed. Just a big weed! 😂

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