Do You Remember Dial-up?

I sure do when I was living in the sticks in Michigan a few years ago. The cable company would not run the cable out of town beyond a certain mileage. I can still hear the awful noise the computer made, and the excruciatingly slow speeds. Today, I have a 30mbps upload, and a 300mbps download speed, so wonderful!

Did your mother or grandmother teach you about having good manners while away at other places and people’s homes? Mine sure did and for this, I am still grateful. And for the two times, my mother slapped the snot out of me when I was a teen. I deserved it, thank you mother for caring!

27 thoughts on “Do You Remember Dial-up?

  1. I feel blessed that my son is well mannered. I hear from other people how sweet he is. And oh the awful dial up noise! I do not miss that!

  2. Yesterday, I asked my mother-in-law if I could open her fridge to put a bowl away from our dinner. And she laughed at me for asking this silly question, but I would never open someones’ refrigerator without permission. All of those rules were very important in how I was raised and I hope I passed it on to my kids, although admittedly I didn’t pass it on with the fear that was instilled in me. Still, I’m always proud of my kids for their manners and politeness. I wish we all could be polite and kind to each other, it goes so so far.

    • That is so wonderful, Sylvia! Good manners are so good and important to have. Many younger folks today need a serious dose of good manners! I’m 61 and glad that I am a baby boomer, we were raised to respect others and their property.

  3. Your grandmother was right but nowadays I don’t know about the children πŸ˜ƒ because they only like to learn from phone.

    • It’s so weird, my iPhone today is well more than capable of insane data transfer speed. ❀️

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