Things From The Past

I’ve been collecting photos of old stuff like you see in the photos, how many can you identify? There must be a few visitors to my humble blog that won’t know what some of the items are! Today is the first time I’ve been back to church since the final divorce. I attended the same church that she and I attended. It was difficult. It was painful but also joyous because He Is Risen! I had a wonderful chat with a woman that I have never met before who must have been there by His design, more I can add but I’ll spare you, and no, not what your thinking. She is married! She can help me with my diet and more things I need to change. Happy Easter!

16 thoughts on “Things From The Past

  1. OMG! I remember the foot button to change from high beam to low and back. The credit card swiper. The cap gun (I used to have one). Some shoe stores still use the foot measuring thing. But the mercurochrome, I don’t know. We had iodine in the house. I assume that they were for the same thing.

  2. Credit card receipt imprint machine, Industrial hand washing station, roll cap gun, cut/scrape disinfectant liquid, shoe store foot shoe sizer, and last but not least automobile headlight dimmer switch you tapped with your left foot. Great nostalgia, John!

    • Bingo! You have to “run it through” for the credit card, right? I remember the mechanic’s wash room at our family business had one of those round hand washing stations, I wonder if it’s still there?

      That was in the 80s. My feet have been in those shoe sizing things lots of times. I remember my dad putting that solution on my cuts, man did that hurt!

      I had a cap gun, it smelled good! And, I’d like the dimmer switch back on the floor actually, it’s less complicated than finding it today on one of the steering column levers…

      • I remember we had a pickup on the farm with a 3 speed on the column, and there was a dimmer switch on the floor. The only problem came if you had to shift gears and needed to dim the headlights at the same time your left foot was on the clutch. Not very often but awkward when it happened.

        • Ahhh, the Three On A Tree! I tried one just once, seemed awkward if I remember right. Funny gear ratio, first gear must be very looooong.

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