Rails And Cars

These photos are from 2019 back home in my Michigan hometown. During the 1990s, I spent a whole lot of time at this depot and other places along these rails doing a whole bunch of train spotting. Unfortunately, there are no good train spotting areas around Las Vegas that I am aware of.

These cars have all been repainted in the last three years or so, as you can see, they look terrible. They were painted by professionals and looked great the last time I saw them. Inside the cars, you’ll find nothing but junk, old floor and wallboards and such.

It’s sunny and 81 degrees currently and I am still on the couch being as lazy as possible, but it’s time for a joyride in the truck soon.

16 thoughts on “Rails And Cars

    • I would like that, AnneMarie! It’s a bit too far though haha. My Michigan hometown has just one line passing through but with a couple of sidings. Canadian National is the company that runs through town, and goes to Toronto and Chicago via a tunnel under the Saint Clair River between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario.

        • I would love to see this! It sounds like there are grain bins along the tracks all over the area, just a guess.

          • There are grain bins but the trains don’t stop at them. The farmers bring their grain to big terminals. Maybe it’s just because it is what I notice, but the trains in the city seem to be mostly loaded with scrap metal and steel pipes.

            • Oh, maybe a steel mill! At my Michigan depot, we saw tons of truck frames going to Flint and the truck factories. And, enclosed train cars loaded with complete cars being shipped. And, the Amtrak train with passengers! It’s a single track so you can imagine the sidings are being used frequently.

    • Thanks Anneli, I like your perception of them! I should get my old buddy who lives nearby to send me some fresh photos of them looking all pretty!

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