Gas Prices and Nevada Made

I spoke with my sister and dad on the phone this morning back home up north and forgot to ask about the gas prices up there but I can assume they are roughly similar to here in Las Vegas. A ripoff! Anyway, I had one errand to take care of today, I captured some gas prices along the way. That sign on the dispensary is in-your-face, isn’t it? New job opportunities for people, and you know the state of Nevada and Clark County are benefitting from pot sales. Sunny, very windy, and 81 degrees today, quite nice! I’m pretty sure that the name of the deceased man will be painted over by the city at some point, that graffiti hasn’t been there too long.

17 thoughts on “Gas Prices and Nevada Made

    • Wow, BC is a long way from Ontario! That sounds cheap, but I know that a litre is smaller than our Imperial Gallon. Still stupid!

      • We flew out on Friday and are here for ten days. I am loving the mountains and ocean breeze. It’s been nice to get a change of scenery. Agreed, gas prices are pretty nuts. Unfortunately it looks like high prices at the pumps are here to stay for awhile.

    • I suspect that the city will paint it white. Not sure if they should though… But, it is graffiti.

  1. That memorial sign was made with an amazing amount of love and care. We have a number of cannabis shops here but the signs are a lot less in your face. People whip out their f##k Trudeau signs every time they get in a snit but pot and sex shops are too much of a shock to the system for many in Saskatchewan. 😉

    • We have sex shops all over the city but consider the nickname, Sin City. I don’t claim to k ow about Canadian politics but nobody seems to like your premier is he called? Same crap with our Osama Bin O’biden as I call him. The UK has Boris Johnson which many people would like to toss into the Thames river. The crap never stops! I ignore the sex shops and pot distributors mostly…

      • Prime Minister. I don’t belong to any party – go with the least annoying leader. A lot of people are ok with Trudeau (obviously – he got elected), but it’s not his supporters who make the most noise. I ignore the sex shop but go to a little cannabis shop for CBD pain ointment and drops.

        • I’ve never tried CBD, I’m glad that it works for you!

          I’ve been a life-long registered Republican and despise what the Democrat party has become – a monster seeking to shred my country as far as I am concerned. Biden is such a joke, just an old fart who has literally stumbled on the stairs to Air Force One, and can’t give a proper speech for lack of memory and clear speech. He needs to be in a retirement home, now.

          • CBD has a lot to offer for pain relief without the issues of prescription medications. I barely follow Canadian politics so have no idea what is happening with American and really none of my business as a Canadian (in my mind).

            • I think it’s just fine to tune into a neighboring country’s politics and more. I think it’s safe to say that the States aren’t going to pull a Russia and invade you guys. Since we are neighbors, it is your business.

              • I don’t think you have much to fear from a Canadian attack unless we bring our weather and mosquitos down to you. 😊☃️🦟

                • LOL!! Oh yeah man, the skeeters always tortured me in Michigan as an adult and as a kid. And, the damn deer flies. They are evil! In my almost ten years down here, I can’t recall seeing or hearing a mosquito. It’s just too dry for them and puddles of water are scarce for them to breed in. Yay!

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