Rockin’ Memories

I was and will always be, a fan of the 1980s and had no idea at the time that these years would become such fond memories. Van Halen has always been my favorite band, number two is Rush. Neal Peart died last year, and the rock world lost what I think was the very best drummer behind the skins with Rush. A bit over a year ago, the guitar world lost what I believe was the very best guitarist in rock. Eddie Van Halen. Some of my online friends agree, I hope that you are jamming in Heaven, Eddie, and Neil. Disclaimer: not my photos.

Can we please bring back the 1980s!!

18 thoughts on “Rockin’ Memories

    • The best of the best! Funny thing though is that my dad would probably prefer to listen to Glenn Miller or some older music. 😂 Generations…

    • I agree, real music not generated by a computer! I saw Van Halen in concert in the 80s, what a great show. After the band was done, Michael Anthony, bass player, tossed his sweat rag into the crowd. A guy and gal both grabbed it. They guy put up a fist toward the girl and took the rag from her. What a jerk! Great memories. 😂

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