That Damn Wind!

It really does get to be annoying after two days of constant blasting wind! Today’s gusts hit 50mph according to the national weather service. The colors in the video are really bad, I have no idea why this iPhone does this, or, could it be the application called Pro Camera? Maybe I need a new photo application.

This photo application has far more options than the stock photo app that comes with the phone. This latest windstorm is supposed to pass by nine PM this eve, maybe tomorrow I can get a bike ride in… My sister and I swapped biking stories today about riding in heavy wind, it can be dangerous!

14 thoughts on “That Damn Wind!

  1. We were at an RV Resort in South Texas a couple of years ago and the winds were strong quite a bit of the time. I remember one day on the bike you could barely move into the wind and did not need to pedal at all with the wind to your back. Wind and bikes are not a good combination! Hope your weather starts behaving soon.

    • Thanks, the wind has abated which is nice. I will not ride in that kind of wind! The fall will hurt.

  2. For a minute I thought I was in a Little Pigs house and the Wolf was trying to blow it down. I rock and roll in this trailer when it’s windy.

    • I like your description, thanks! I don’t think you’ll roll over. I assume there’s no way to anchor the house down but that would be nice. The wind has abated significantly at my place now. The weather service said it would around 9 which is 6 minutes from now. Pretty damn accurate! 😂

    • This is amazing, my sister in Michigan said it was super windy, you did and here in the desert. I think there is a conspiracy going on here… 😂

  3. I’ve been wanting to go hiking badly but the weather has not cooperated or some other reason or excuse prevents it. I’m hoping the temps warm up so I can take Bella and head out. I can tell I’m in need of exercise. I do hope that the winds ease off so you can ride.

    • Me too, thanks, Rebecca! I hope you get your hikes in soon, the weather can’t stay crappy indefinately. I’ll bet your getting lots of rain according to The Weather Channel. The east coast gets all the rain while the southwest remains in a years-long drought. Grrr!

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