Climbing The Switchback

This is a super short video of the bike climbing a short switchback path that comes out of a wash where a trail runs right through it. You don’t want to be down there during monsoon season or if there is a rainstorm within say twenty-five miles. Flooding happens fast in the desert! I’ve noticed that the phone sounds like it is amplifying the sound of the electric motor located in the rear wheel hub. It never sounds that loud to me when riding so I’m sorry about it being so loud! That said, I will not go back to riding a non-electric bike.

I tossed the silly photo in because it reminds me of how I was during those married years. 😂

15 thoughts on “Climbing The Switchback

  1. hahaha that photo cracked me up! I liked the video and have been meaning to ask, if you want to answer, what brand of bike do you have? We were looking at Pedegos the other day….

    • I’m glad you like the silly photos, that chicken on the bottom right looks so bad but it reminded me of three divorces and taking a pecking! 😂 My bike is a Pedego and I love it, well built, solid and works great. So much more fun than a regular bike. They are not cheap though.

      • No they aren’t cheap and we need two! We were looking at them the other day. Probably will rent them for a day and see how we like them.

        • They do offer rentals, and renting is a great idea! It took me several rides to become fully grounded in how the bike works. Mine is a class 2 e-Bike meaning it has a throttle.

          I hope I recalled that properly!

          I have told several people that if they try an e-Bike that they may not want to ride a regular bike again. Also, Pedego has actual, physical locations unlike other companies that send you a huge box, and good luck building it!

    • I’m so sorry about this, Derrick, other UK residents have been able to load the videos so perhaps it’s your browser? Just a guess.

    • I love being a single guy, Rudi! The bike has disc brakes which work very well, much better than the old style of rim brakes.

    • It is, the motor makes a major difference that I really appreciate. Several weeks ago, my three lower lumbar in my back were screaming with pain. That settled down thank God but now I’m back to what it was before. I can’t walk more than a few hundred feet without sitting down, it’s hurts pretty bad so the bike takes pressure off my back. The motor just isn’t that loud, gotta be the phone…

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