Crossing The Lake Mead Bridge

Today I tried making some videos while riding the bike and made four videos. This one as the title suggests was taken on the short pedestrian and bike bridge. The phone mount won’t twist any further hence the camera does not see any higher up which sucks. I would have to use a Go Pro on a helmet cam for that, or loosen the phone bracket and rotate it a bit on the handlebar. Such a beautiful day to be alive!

8 thoughts on “Crossing The Lake Mead Bridge

    • It can save your life too! I must cross three busy roads twice on my 15 mile rides. Not fun but keep your eyes and ears wide open, you never know what these crazy drivers will do here. Some of them should go to the DMV and surrender their driver license in my not so humble opinion. Not bragging, but I’ve had a perfect driving record for several years now.

    • Oh yes, the management in this place does a fantastic job with everything! What else can you expect in Sin City, right… 😂

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