My Internet Connection Has Been Dead!

It’s super rare, but my internet provider went off of the web last night around six PM or so I think. It came back up about twenty minutes ago so I’ve been able to respond to your comments, thank you for them! Now, I need to see if the iPad will work properly.

This time without the web has shown me how much I depend on that connection not just for the website, but for so much more. Even being able to properly use my alarm system.

Anyway, I hope the web stays up and working! I grabbed a random photo from my extensive photo archive and chose the very cute and sweet Blondie who belongs to my dad. In this photo, she hijacked the captain’s chair in the mancave. Bad girl!

29 thoughts on “My Internet Connection Has Been Dead!

  1. Every so often we lose power during a storm and it makes me realize how much we rely on the internet (and electricity). Glad to hear your connection is back up and running. And what a great picture of Blondie!

  2. It is frustrating when that happens, of course our weekend away was nice but we weren’t doing anything at the house that we couldn’t do without it for a while.

    • I’m glad your weekend was good! imagine a world without the internet again, that would be wonderul for those of us who remember our world without!

    • Hello, Boromax! It really opens your eyes on just how much we depend on the internet, I find that both good and bad. There was a time when we all got along just fine without the technology!

      • Ain’t it the truth! Simpler times, I guess. Now if we ‘forget’ our phone, we are concerned about it. And the idea that we couldn’t watch TV shows “on demand”… oh, my.

        • The phones are great, but they have so much personal information in them that they are somewhat of a security risk. I use both the face ID and the keypad. I don’t watch stuff On Demand, my cable bill is already ridiculously high. I feel kind of sad for young folks today that will never know the pleasures of being a kid and a young adult without the technology. It was a simpler, better vanished time in this country.

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