Will This End?

The windstorms have been much closer together and more frequent in the last month. I don’t mind a windy day but when these storms come every three days or so, it becomes too redundant. A bit like my photos, eh!

And this time the temperature is going to drop much more thanks to a powerful low-pressure system far north of Las Vegas over the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to those hot evenings relaxing in the backyard.

6 thoughts on “Will This End?

    • I’m sorry about this, Derrick. Have you checked your browser? It may not be set up correctly for video. I am guessing…

    • Life is a circle, you’ve cried for rain before I assume. I saw this giant weather system from a satellite view on our The Weather Channel today, it may give Vegas a spit of rain tomorrow yet our east coast is almost drowning. Why!! 😪

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