2019 – Before The Storm

None of us could have known the storm that was about to begin called Covid. Such weird weather lately, you’ve seen my windy videos and it’s still a bit windy this morning. This latest low-pressure center has brought a high of just 70 degrees for today but by next week the 90s will return. It’s weird to use the heat in the morning, and later that day turn the A/C on! Do you have any plans for the weekend? I don’t!

6 thoughts on “2019 – Before The Storm

  1. Everyone goes to the Gym on cloudy, rainy days. It was totally busy, this morning. I can relate to the Heat & Air. I put my portable Heater away only to bring it back out when it got cold last night.

    • It was pretty chilly last night! That low-pressure system north of us was a powerful beast with all the damn wind. I saw on TWC that it’s still blowing hard and heading east. We will be back in the 80s in about three days I think, yay!

    • Good morning, that’s what the temps have been after that day of 90 degrees. It’s 55F just now and I felt cold without a jacket going to the bank this morning!

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