We Have Rain!

It’s actually raining in Las Vegas, so rare! I hope that this year’s monsoon season will dump huge amounts of rain because Lake Mead needs it so badly. The drought here has been going on for many years now which is really terrible! All of this while the east coast gets drowned every week…

23 thoughts on “We Have Rain!

    • That sucks, the desert dust infiltrates everything it seems. My truck is in the garage most of the time and still gets fairly dusty. It rained here for about 20 minutes but it wasn’t a super hard downpour unfortunately. We need a good hard rain for a week straight to help Lake Mead out! Have a dandy weekend. 🍻

  1. Australia gets droughts, then floods, then droughts then bush fires, They don’t even follow a pattern and can last from months to years. But then, it’s always been like that. That’s why people live near the coast and/or along rivers that follow tree choked mountain ranges. All the good farming land is smothered by housing estates, skyscrapers and industry leaving many of the farms (to feed the millions) further inland where droughts and flooding rains is the norm. I wouldn’t want to live in LA, Arizona, LV and places, – or in the Great Australian outback. I love grass, green leaves, colourful flowers, native critters and smell the ocean. — I’m just like the million others who live on the coast, 🙂

    • Las Vegas isn’t for everyone, for sure! It’s scorching hot in summer, and we have scorpions that love to get in your home. It makes zero sense to cover all of the good farm land with concrete. I’m this happens everywhere. I remember seeing the major bush fires in Australia about three years ago or something like that, so terrible!

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