23 thoughts on “Scorpion Hunting Kit

    • Simple, just a black light flashlight, or Torch as you call them. They glow a brilliant green in the black light. Just give them the crunch with the screwdriver, bye!! 😂

        • I’ve never been stung yet, knock on wood, but the venom is strong enough that you need medical attention.

          My stepson was stung once when I was married to number three, we had to take him to an ER where he received an injection that counters the venom.

          It takes a while for the venom to lose it’s strength. His speech was slurred as though he were drunk, and his arms or legs weren’t working right either.

          They are not something to be toyed with. The smaller the scorpion, the more potent the venom is. Nasty vermin!

    • Hey, I just left your blog, Maria! No, they are nasty critters, I got just one but that’s a good thing. They are so easy to find using a black light…

    • I have finished the hunt, the score is John 1, Scorpions 0. 😂 The victim was outside behind my favourite chair. I always wonder if there is a scorpion on the chair before I sit down after dark.

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