15 thoughts on “Coming Down From The Blue Sky

    • Hi Kelly, thank you so much! It’s amazing to see the airliners pass directly over you at a couple hundred feet or so. Ahh the smell of burnt Jet A fuel! 😂

    • They are like poetry in motion, so much going on. The physics of flight and the aircraft are so amazing! I live near a small airport and see many smaller aircraft daily and certainly hear them passing over my house. McCarran International Airport is several miles southeast of me, or about a 30 minute drive.

      • Our airport is straight down the Lewvan from us – maybe five miles. But it is one of the smallest international airports in the world so few large or small planes – and the large ones are hardly jumbo jets. The runways run west/east so we don’t see much air traffic here.

              • Only so many people rushing to Regina. 🤣. And we have major international airports in Calgary and Winnipeg – less than an hour flight from here

                • It looks like a small city, not unlike my Michigan hometown but it has a tiny airport, only puddle jumpers land there!

                    • Oh, okay. I didn’t know that. I hope that’s not a negative for the city. Detroit, Michigan had in my opinion, too many years of mayors that had very selfish reasons to run for the office. That’s not state-wide of course, but it still stinks.

                    • I don’t know that it is a negative. It just is part of being the capital of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon (our other major city) is more medical and university based.

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