Another Fifteen Miles

It’s been a perfect day for biking so I headed out around 12:30 this afternoon and took the usual route and photos. Oh well, I know it’s redundant. The sky looks as though it could open up and downpour but it hasn’t yet. That would be great though!

10 thoughts on “Another Fifteen Miles

  1. John, you always find something interesting to photograph! I like especially the photo of the road and the stormy sky. It has a great perspective!

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of your street shots with so few vehicles! That one from the bridge almost looks apocalyptical…LOL

    • This is a very busy road, the cars are all held back by the traffic lights so that you get that empty road sense. The sky is very moody today, about 1/4 way through the ride I thought it was going to pour!

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