The Late Afternoon Sun

Good morning, folks, happy Thursday. Partly sunny and 82 degrees are forecast for the valley today with gusts to 40 miles per hour. If you are a football lover then this is the place for you today with big happenings on the Strip for the NFL draft. Honestly, I don’t care for football! It’s too slow a sport for me… NHL Hockey, please!

22 thoughts on “The Late Afternoon Sun

    • Why thank you, sir! And that wind is still blowing hard this morning. I’ve lived here almost ten years and have never seen the wind blow so hard and for such long duration before. Something is afoot!

        • That’s all any of us can do really… I am doing great, thanks for asking! Just enjoying the weather here as the summer 100+ temperatures are slowly returning. Stay safe, Vinny! 🇬🇧

            • I hope the sun shines soon, bring on the summer heat! I follow several UK blogs, it seems you have some nice beaches.

                • That’s nice. To get to a beach from Las Vegas means a four or more hour drive south to the California beaches. I really dislike that state…

                    • Mean people and terrible drivers.

                      When I was married to ex number 3, we drove down to Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa to visit her mother. She was a nice old woman but the people seem so angry and rude every time I went down there.

                      Sadly, Californians are fleeing the state for Nevada and other places because of the ludicrous taxes and laws imposed on them by Sacramento, the state capital.

                      We have a saying here in Nevada that says “don’t California my Nevada”!! We don’t want their Socialism!

                    • It’s strange that isn’t it. People being rude. It’s the same here. Down south( London and south east) are just ignorant and bloody rude. 3 ex wives! You’ve been busy John!

                    • Yeah, I was busy losing money and my mind when married, I’ve sworn off marriage. Never again! It costs too much and I’m apparently not meant to be married! I do love the single life though and living by myself.

    • Thanks very much, Anneli! I’m getting a pedicure and manicure today. Already got a proper hair cut. 🤩😂

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