Yet Another Windy Day!

This is crazy. I have lived in Las Vegas since 2013 and have never seen the city stay this windy for this long a duration. I don’t mind the wind at times yet sometimes it gets irritating. The global warming crowd will jump to its own conclusion but you know I don’t buy that stuff.

Sunshine and 81 lovely degrees are in the forecast for today in spite of the wind. Those poor souls on the Strip doing the NFL football draft thing must be tired of the wind too but too bad! Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of football, it’s too slow a game. How about hockey!

Our Vegas Golden Knights have been eliminated from the playoffs again. Gladly, it’s just a game for me. Have a great Friday and weekend my friends, be well!

14 thoughts on “Yet Another Windy Day!

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! What scares me are the high chances for fires down here, and the possibility of more wildfires across the border in California and elsewhere. There’s already a fire burning in Arizona. Be safe, please! 🙏🏻

    • Something seems afoot with the wind everywhere this year. I’d rather watch a baseball game than a football game, any day. I’m just bummed that Vegas Golden Nights are done for the season, no playoff chance this year.

  1. Our wind finally stopped!! We have a windy period every year, but I must admit that this year seemed endless.

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