16 thoughts on “A Flower Bed and A Glass Tree

    • Thank you, Anne, I guess you’ll have to do a lot of poo scooping and re-seed the bad grass where the pee has killed it.

      • We don’t have grass in the back yard. It’s our vegetable garden that she will destroy. 😲 She already dug up around Dan’s Bleeding Heart. 🙄

        • Wow, that’s awful! This kind of stuff is why I don’t have a dog or cat even though they would make a fine companion. Maybe a leash would help so you can control where she does her business, and stop her from digging.

          • She’s pretty good about doing he business in an out of the way place. We have everything in steel planters but she likes digging in them. She will learn – maybe not this spring but eventually. With Dan working nights for another two or three years, I would rather have the big dog than the creeps hanging around here.

    • Thank you! It was super shiny brass when it was installed in the 90s. This was my mother’s idea, she passed in 2012. Most of the home has been left as-is inside and out since that time. 😪

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