General Aviation Aircraft, two

This is the final set of photos from today at the North Las Vegas Airport. I’ve done some serious cropping to pull the little aircraft in so you can see more detail. I hoped to see a few business jets like the beautiful Gulfstream planes but saw just one small jet. Cessna and Pilatus and others also build some beautiful jets.

My favorite business aircraft has always been the Lear Jet. Many years ago, I tried my hand at flight school to learn how to fly smaller aircraft but obviously, that didn’t happen… I should never have quit that school!

11 thoughts on “General Aviation Aircraft, two

  1. Nice captures. That’s too bad that you didn’t finish flight school, but at least you’re still interested in smaller aircrafts through your photography.

  2. Happy Sunday to you, John. I tried to comment on your next post, but it wouldn’t work so I’m trying here. Okay…I could look it up, but I’m lazy, and I bet you might know? What is the story about the title of Mummy Mountain?

  3. Nice photos, John. Glad you got one of the Beechcraft Bonanza. Funny that you are not allowed to enjoy an adult beverage while plane watching…

    • Not on their property I guess. This airport is run by Clark County which seems odd… You shouldn’t be drinking and driving anyway!

    • Thank you, Rudi! I tuned to 101.1 FM, there’s a Christian station on the air, no tower communications. My ham radio tunes those frequencies so I wrote them down…

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