General Aviation Aircraft

This afternoon I took another ride around town and landed at North Las Vegas Airport, a general aviation airport that is different than our huge McCarran International Airport. I tried for some decent photos but the 18-140mm lens was a bit lacking. A 200mm lens or higher would be better.

It’s fun to sit still and tune my ham radio down to the aircraft frequencies and listen to the tower and aircraft talking to each other. The low 80s and a gentle breeze make for a nice time to chill. I’ll have one more set of photos from this location if you want to see them, they aren’t very good photos really.

11 thoughts on “General Aviation Aircraft

    • It’s not far from the Strip and there are hotels near the airport. This airport serves the general aviation crowd.

  1. This is something I also used to do when I was younger. Now I have no more radio to follow the conversations but airplanes still interest me a lot.

    • Airplanes are fascinating! I don’t know what the laws are in Belgium, but here you can buy receivers to listen to the aircraft band. My ham radios tune to those frequencies.

    • No, it happened to be there and it reminded me of an episode of Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer. He did an episode these in 2013 I think. I love watching the people who own these bars, some are crazy! Taffer lives in Vegas too.

    • They are cute little puddle jumpers, nothing like the big airliners I like to photograph at McCarran International. Those are exciting to see pass about 200 feet or less over you!

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