Another Rough Touchdown In Chicago

I mentioned in another post that the photos are all used from last week’s trip and all I have left are videos. This video is another hard touchdown at ORD, or Chicago O’Hare. This touchdown was probably hard because of the turbulence, the aircraft was bouncing up, down, and left to right on approach as they were flying into Flint.

Red Hot Pizza!

Well, the oven was glowing red hot! Once in a while, I’ll have a spicy late-night snack like this which is delicious, but my system has to work hard all night which sucks.

More In-Flight Photos

Good morning all, sorry but these are all I have left from last week’s trip to Michigan except a few videos. 86F, sunshine, and lots of wind are on tap for the valley today which sounds great. The 100s are back in a couple of days though which is fine with me, bring on the heat. Have a great week folks!

A Hard Landing In Flint

Heavy turbulence had plagued each of my liftoffs and landings this day, no matter the state or airport. I’ve never experienced this before and don’t care to experience it again even though flying does not bother me.

Commercial aircraft like these are of course built to take these hard landings and the turbulence that makes the wings flex up and down quite a bit. No worries! Listen carefully, you can hear myself and other passengers react to the hard touchdown.

In-flight photos and a few videos are all that I have left from last week’s trip now since I have moved the remaining photos to the cloud for storage. Many of the family photos are such that I don’t upload them for privacy reasons.

I hope that my American friends have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Always remember those who gave all so that you can live in a free nation. The video is 1:12 seconds in length.

Top Off The Tanks, Please!

Here are some iPhone photos from last week, all but one were taken at Flint Bishop International Airport. A very small airport which makes this airport easily the quickest airport to get through that I have ever seen. It’s like a wonderful secret, shhh, don’t tell anyone. I love the smell of burnt Jet-A, it has a slightly sweet smell. The aircraft was being prepared for the less than one-hour flight west to ORD, or Chicago from FNT, or Flint.

The Stupid Car

This stupid car, this go-cart never should have been licensed for use on roads in this country. It is too small to be safe, all in the name of saving mother earth? She’s not worth dying for. My full-size truck has a full steel frame under it. The truck weighs over 3000 pounds, maybe 4000. Would you want to go up against the truck while in that go-cart? You would have chosen very poorly, my friend! The laws of physics can’t be changed…

My Backyard Mess

Having a quick chill in the backyard earlier today, I didn’t like what I see but I am being patient! The palm trees will be pruned in July unless I decide the company needs to come sooner. Those wood chips look so awful, made worse by the dead palm frond debris on them, I like to have a tidy backyard!