19 thoughts on “Tech Neck

  1. Funny and yet sad at the same time. It amazes me how many people still text on their phones when driving and it’s illegal where we live. Our daughter was rear ended at a red light and she could see the person in the car behind her on their phone. There is more to life than Apps.

    • I’m glad your daughter is okay! I’m sure texting and driving is illegal anywhere in Canada and the US. It’s so ignorant! Those busted for this should lose their driver license for a very long time. Driving is a privilage, not a right.

  2. Sad, but true in so many instances. I have sat at a table of people watching them on their phones and remembering times past when it would have been a time of conversation between people that was more than holding the phone out to see something then back to their staring at their phone, lost in a weird world of their own making.

    • And, the people who cross our busy roads with face looking down, oblivious to the danger around them. A deadly combination…

    • Thanks, Derrick, just having a little fun. It amazes me to see people crossing our very busy intersections with face in this position, disregarding the dangerous traffic. Duh…

      • I was taught to have my chair lowered or raised so your eyes are looking straight ahead when working on a desktop or laptop/tablet. I still do. I don’t have email or apps on my phone. No tap and go payments. I had the state of NSW app during Covid but it’s gone to sleep in the background now we don’t use it every time we needed to check in and out of places. No, just Google maps which I log in and out of if required for koala rescue. I text and use my phone to call someone but that’s I’m rare since my dad passed away last July.

        My physiotherapist recently told me that my neck and upper back was the best he’s seen in someone my age. Maybe I’m doing something right.

        • Wow, you are certainly doing something right! Not having those daily-used apps on your phone surely allows it to process faster.

    • The human gene pool will soon alter to the point that we all will be born with this curvature…

    • One day, the device may be implanted into each human making it easy for rotten politicians to make us vote for them… I made that up. πŸ˜‚

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