As-Is, 2019

Just five photos of the Vegas Strip in 2019 before the evil virus came along. Sunshine and 90 degrees today in the valley. Happy Monday, I wish you a great week ahead! The photos are unaltered…

14 thoughts on “As-Is, 2019

  1. We are warming up for a couple of days and then expecting a few days of rain. I can’t wait for the rain to settle the dust around here. 🤗

    • Yay on warming up! What makes the area so dusty? The farm fields surrounding you? Or, is it that nasty white dust from the road salt that whisks up when you drive quickly over it?

    • Sorry about that, I see the rain you are getting on The Weather Channel. That company has been on the air 40 years as of today, amazing!

      • Though cold and wet, lots of rain now is always good going into the annual summer dry season, when we often wish it was cold and rainy again. 🙂 I am not sure what we will get for tree fruit this year as we had a number of mornings in April that were freezing or sub freezing.

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