8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Valley 2017

    • Thanks, Anneli, those are older Mexican Fan Palms. I have the same trees in my backyard but younger. These were taken on the east side of the valley where Lake Mead Boulevard climbs out of the valley and heads east toward the lake. The lake is so low now that the water authority has begun drawing water from a newly installed pipe that is much deeper in the lake. That’s not good!

        • Desperately! It grinds my gears to see people in my sub with grass lawns and watering them. I find it a huge waste of water, my place is strictly Desertscape. No grass. Not sure that’s a word but it works. The bushes and palm trees get watered Monday and Wednesday, that’s all. Monthly water is around $30 bucks so I use very little water.

            • I would never have kown this stuff if I had been in Michigan. We suck the water out of the underground aquafir. There could be water wars in the future but I don’t understand why humans can’t get the price of desalising ocean water. This planet is mostly water, so why the fighting!

    • Thanks so much, Maria! I’m pulling out the old photos since I don’t have anything new lately, I hope you have a great week. ❤️🇸🇪

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