Back Home From The Mountains

This morning I decided to get out of the house and head up to Mount Charleston, Kyle Canyon, and Lee Canyon where the ski lodge is. I was going to turn around if any snow was seen along the roads but all I saw was snow on the peaks and the remnants of that nasty road salt.

I saw the sad sight that once had the Mount Charleston Lodge on it that burnt down several weeks ago, what a shame! That was a cool place with great views, great food, and a huge round fireplace in the center of the dining area.  The phone company has installed a new mono-tower with lots of 5G antennas on it, it works really well.

I took 1.6 Gig of photos today which was well over 100 photos, so I have some nice photos to upload here, stick around! It only cooled to the low 60s up there while today it is 90 degrees down in the valley.

8 thoughts on “Back Home From The Mountains

  1. I don’t remember hearing about it burning down completely, I thought it was just a few cabins. Are the still there? I’m glad I got to visit there. Yes, that place was awesome! I actually wanted to go there for my last Honeymoon but he didn’t. Guess it wouldn’t have mattered with the way that marriage turned out.

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