Mountain Signs and Joshua Trees

A mix of photos, the sign on the mountain says that I am a long way from home, the other photos were worked over yesterday afternoon using three different photo applications. Partly sunny and 93 degrees are forecast for the valley today, that’s getting up there but it cools back to the 80s for tomorrow. Happy Saturday!

Edited in Prisma app with Thota Vaikuntam

8 thoughts on “Mountain Signs and Joshua Trees

    • Really, sorry about that Anne! I added a layer or two for the effect. I was heading home from a shoot in the desert. This is Far Hills Avenue looking east. The elevation changes sharply here and you can see the Stratosphere Tower in the distance. That tower is about 1000 feet high so you can see that I was up pretty high on the western slope of the valley.

        • It was difficult for me. The ex and I were at Cathedral Rock years ago and went for a hike. I couldn’t get too far into the hike which sucks but being at 8400 feet just standing there or driving is no problem.

  1. Happy Saturday, John! We are 45 degrees and raining this morning. Sounds like our August weather where you are.

    Stay safe during this fire season, John.

    • Hi Lavinia, it’s nice to see you here! Vegas is expecting 91 today, then dropping to the 80s and another windstorm for tomorrow. No rain and man do we need it so badly. I hope this summer’s monsoon season will bring us several drenching storms. Have a great weekend up there! 😎

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