Corn On The Cob and Parking Lot Flowers

There were four cobs of corn and boy did I inhale them the other day! The tree flowers were photographed at a gas station/grocery store which is an actual grocery store only about 1/3 the size of your usual store. Yum!

The weather here today is insane! It was dead calm this morning but I knew a windstorm was heading our way at eleven or so this morning and it was a bit late!

Well, it has arrived and once again my house is crackling, the porch light on a chain swinging madly in the crazy wind. Then, I get a new weather alert stating that a dust storm will envelop the valley between 2 and 4 PM today. Wow man, I’m no longer in Michigan!

18 thoughts on “Corn On The Cob and Parking Lot Flowers

  1. delicious, I don’t say no! I loved colours again, beautiful, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Looks delicious, we are not used to eat corn like you do. It’s mostly for oil production and cattle food and not ot forget popcorn at the movies – LOL

    • Really? You don’t have sweet corn like this? Bummer. I know that companies use field corn to make car fuel, or they used to…

    • It sure was, and thanks! I was hopping out of the truck and saw the flowers just a few feet away. Gotta break out the iPhone for the shot!

  3. Still cool here! I was wearing a touque and mitts this morning when we went out to do some bird photography. I don’t think I’d like the dust storms at all though

  4. That bi-color corn is usually very tasty. It is one of the most popular varieties grown locally here.
    i know those dust/sandstorms put dust and sand in places you didn’t even know you had in your property! Hope you made it ok.

    • It was very sweet! Add some butter, pepper and my faux salt, deliciousness! I just took a photo of what should be a mountain at the end of my street (five miles away) but the mountain has vanished due to the sand in the atmosphere! I’ll survive… 😂

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