Let’s Go Back To The Desert

After a soft sunset, we head back out of town to where the Joshua Trees are with their seed pods. 85 degrees and yet another high wind warning today with gusts to 50 between 11AM and 11PM today. I’m just blown away at how windy 2022 has been so far. The winds greatly increase the risk of fire danger which sucks.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Go Back To The Desert

    • Sunset Road? I am guessing that this is north of you, certainly not asking for your location! I would never do that! I suppose this is better than seeing another fire around the city.

  1. We finally got a bit of rain this morning. Our planters are now filled with black mud. Molly went out and climbed into one of them. I told her to get down so she laid down and rolled in it. 😂

    • Yay for the rain, but oh no, Molly! She must be difficult to get clean in a bath with that beautiful, thick white fur.

  2. I don’t like the windy days especially when everything is so dry. The desert plants are hardy and beautiful in their own way. Great photos, John!

    • Thank you, Kaya! I so hope the fires won’t start this year, it’s so horrible and sad! The wind should be here soon, the Isobars are getting closer together.

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