Accidents and Fire Trucks

Those two photos are from today and honestly, I am surprised that there aren’t more accidents in Vegas. The firetruck must have got a call for help since the lights came on suddenly and the driver made a hard left turn. The other photos are from the other day in the Spring Mountains. It’s currently 72F degrees in the valley.

8 thoughts on “Accidents and Fire Trucks

  1. That lodge, or resort, is quite something isn’t it? That horse statue is pretty cool, much like the weather here lol. Glad you have a great temperature there today and no dust !

    • The horse is in front of a PF Chang’s restaurant, it was recently repainted. Maybe because this location has been closed during the pandemic but now it will reopen. It’s cooler now but still warm and with a light wind this morning. Better!

    • The lodge is a private residence, there are many homes on that slope, imagine the cost of building up there, and the homeowner insurance! No worries, a boulder the size of your home could roll down the slope and crush you…

    • Thank you, Derrick! The horse is in front of a PF Chang’s restaurant. A chain restaurant here in the valley.

    • Thanks, me too, Anita! The truck was making a left, no lights or sirens, then they all popped on. I like to thank these folks when I see them parked in the grocery store lot. I guess they are shopping for the guys and gals at the fire station.

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