Wind Assault

Yesterday was just another windstorm but this one had some vicious gusts in it as the video shows. My previous post showed just how thick the dust was yesterday. Nothing is covered in a thick layer of sand this morning! Partly cloudy and 77 degrees are forecast for today, this latest storm pulled the daytime temperature down ten or so degrees. The photo was taken with the iPhone the other day, the video with the Nikon.

12 thoughts on “Wind Assault

    • Got it. I owned a mobile home in 1986/87 that was strapped down to the concrete. It was a 1976 model when I purchased it. The water lines underneath loved to freeze up so I had to fix them, not fun!

    • Thanks for the info, Palm Springs can be suuuuuper windy! I’m glad the wind has gone up here but the dust storm was horrible! I got dust in my eyes just stepping outside for a minute…

    • Hey, it’s a small world! That wind is mostly gone now and the mountains are still there haha! I have my place cleaned up outside now except for the dead palm frond pieces still on the grass. The palms are ready for their summer pruning already, but that won’t happen until mid July. Bummer, they must be pruned at the correct time. I hope your family enjoys it here regardless of the weird weather.

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